Leah's Dream/Afafanto Scholarship Fund Newsletter

Leah's Dream sponsors education and community develpment through finaqncial and mentoring support for young women in Northern Ghana

Give a Gift of an Education

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It is fast approaching Christmas and the holiday gift giving season is almost over. Have you thought about using Amazon Smile to purchase your gifts? If you already shop on Amazon or if you’re looking for the perfect gift, we invite you to choose Leah’s Dream as your charity of choice. Each time you buy on Amazon Smile, Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to Leah’s Dream. We applaud Amazon for their efforts to support charities like us. Here are easy to follow directions for getting started. It takes only a moment:

  1. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/27-2986141
  2. Sign in and Choose Your Charity: Leah S Dream Inc.amazonSmileLogin
  3. Begin shopping. That’s simple!
  4. Of course, if you really want to give the gift of an education to some deserving girls, you can go directly to our donate page on our website and choose an appropriate gift for your budget.DonateNow
  5. Either way, giving makes you feel good and feeling good is a gift to yourself. HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON!




Author: Sandee

Sandee is Executive Director of Leah's Dream Inc. a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to sponsoring education and community development through financial and mentoring support for young women in remote areas of Nothern Ghana.

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