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Leah's Dream sponsors education and community develpment through finaqncial and mentoring support for young women in Northern Ghana

Our New Ghana Office

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Ghana OfficeThe beginning of the school year is coming around for many students and coincides with the opening of our new office in Tamale. It brings forth new opportunities and experiences for the girls and (teachers).

In a few (weeks), first year girls will meet for orientation. Emelia (President and Executive Director of Leah’s Dream in Ghana) has always served as a great mentor to the each girl individually but for the first time, she will be able to have all three together. This gives the girls and Emelia the chance to ease into the new year and allow the girls to meet one another and to receive their books and suppliestextbooks.


Later this year, 2nd year girls will begin computer training. Basic computer training is necessary as it allows them to learn more about the world around them at their fingertips. Skills such as typing and learning how to use the keyboard, going online to read emails and to write them, provides the girls with an efficient way to communicate instead of delayed corresponding caused by written letters. Emelia is hard at work setting up computers and connections in our new office. Hopefully, we will begin our new Pen Pal program later this year with some of our new volunteers from Central High School’s Global Youth United program.



Fulera, Emelia and our Afafanto Graduates

Our third year girls participate in the Bridge Training Program. This summer, they were trained in bead and jewelry making and successfully sold most of the jewelry they made while returning the profits back to Leah’s Dream for this year’s program. The Bridge Training Program aims to empower the girls at entrepreneurship and gaining the confidence needed to market and network their work which leads to them earning some income.

The new office in Tamale provides resources to the girls to begin and continue on their education, engaging them to learn valuable skills creating positive self outlooks. Our office needs many new things such as a sign out front and computers.  DN2Button-BlueSmall

Stay tuned to learn more about what the girls are doing during the school year. We will be introducing our newest Afafanto Scholars in the next blog issue!

All my best, Sihah Joonhigh

Editor’s Note: Sihah is one of our new Global Youth United volunteers.

Author: Sandee

Sandee is Executive Director of Leah's Dream Inc. a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to sponsoring education and community development through financial and mentoring support for young women in remote areas of Nothern Ghana.

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